On November 18th, one of the reports of the program «Facts of the week with Oksana Sokolovskaya» on ICTV became a review of various types of tableware, including disposable. How comfortable and safe is it for a person, what are advantages compared to plastic. Now, disposable cardboard packaging is considered one of the safest kinds of utensils, not only in Ukraine, but also worldwide. The journalists of the TV channel, who visited us at the factory, were able to see this and were able to see and to film the main processes of carton disposable packaging. As an expert, Vladimir Kudryashov, the General Director of Univest commented not only the stages of production, but the technologies and materials used, thanks to which FOODinBOX is one of the most demanded and leading manufacturers in Ukraine.

FOODinBOX is the winner of the prestigious international competition
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