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TM Foodinbox takes part in FoReCH’2016

The exhibition of restaurant & hotel business –  FoReCH’2016 – takes place on 1st – 3rd November. TM Foodinbox opens its stand for visitors and participants of the event.

Ukraine’s biggest HoReCa expoforum exhibits famous brands – equipment manufacturers, suppliers of the successful solutions for restorateurs and hoteliers. And TM Foodinbox as a division of Univest Group is also among them.

The exhibition shows a great interest of FoReCH visitors to high-quality paper disposable tableware by TM Foodinbox. Such an interest is determined by increasing popularity of eco-, fast- and streetfood, coffee houses, restaurants of fast and healthy food among Ukrainians and abroad, the highest quality and wide assortment of Foodinbox products.

On FoReCH’2016 TM Foodinbox is presented by sales department and Univest marketing department specialists.

FoReCH’2016 expoforum takes place in KievExpoPlaza (2b, Salyutnaya str., Kiev) from 1st to 3rd November.

Please see photo report on this marvelous event.

ТМ Foodinbox stand

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 dsc09141  dsc09163

Exhibition stands of the FoReCH participants

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 dsc09101  dsc09115


Workshops on exhibition

dsc09139 dsc09172
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